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Caribbean Hurricane Recovery Project - LegacyMakers

(formerly the Caribbean Hurricane Recovery Project)


The LegacyMakers Project initially focused only on the survivors of the 2017 hurricanes, however, I soon realized that not only is Trinidad & Tobago a country in “deep grief and trauma,” so are many of the other Caribbean islands not affected by hurricanes. So this widespread trauma is not just caused by natural disasters, but because of human disasters such as crime and violence, the breakdown of the family, injustice, sickness, financial hardship, loss, etc. In fact, as we travel around the world, we are observing firsthand the devastating impact of trauma as it relates to natural and human disasters.

In response to this, we have teamed up afresh with ITNAC and their “Broken Crayons Can Still Colour" ministry, which is a healing and deliverance event that provides opportunities within various communities to share the testimonies of individuals who suffered trauma and loss and how they navigated those challenges. They do this alongside their relief and development work. This holistic ministry is not just serving in the Caribbean but throughout the world. So the Caribbean Hurricane Recovery Project has evolved into much more than I had ever anticipated, and has been renamed “The Healing and Recovery Project.”  Recently I went with the Broken Crayons team of 25 to Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados and, later on, to Jamaica. The levels of healing and deliverance that we witnessed during these sessions as lives were miraculously transformed were astounding. All I can say is, “To God be the glory!”


Also, collaborating with Jennie Fournier of Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network (our US partner organization, who primarily focuses on anti-human trafficking work), our chaplaincy/prayer ministry, trauma-support projects, as well as evangelism training & mobilization, and leadership development have continued to include Malaysia and St. Croix.

LegacyMakers will continue to work with ITNAC and GBPAN throughout the Caribbean and the world through:

• Evangelism

• Chaplaincy/Prayer Support

• Personal Coaching

• Group Coaching 

• Pastoral Counseling

• Life Skills Training

• Conflict Resolution

• Transformative Prayer & Healing Sessions

• Community Prayer Gatherings

• Crisis Intervention Counseling

Thank you for your financial support of our ministries. As this project takes on new dimensions, we will need it more than ever before. In order for us to be able to visit more nations and touch more lives, we are asking you to consider donating to this joint venture.

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