Second Wind Infusion Gathering

Second Wind Infusion - Home Gathering

Fanning the Flames of Revival in Neighborhoods & Nations

Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes (Isaiah 58:12)

Second Wind Infusion Gathering:

An empowerment encounter designed to breathe new life into end-time 

spiritual champions, so they can ignite to become catalysts of Revival in their sphere of influence.

End-time spiritual champions             

If you are hungry for a move of God in your sphere of influence and believe that God is positioning you to be a catalyst of it, this is just the gathering for you! Just as in a relay race where the fastest, and in some cases, most skilled runners are placed at the end, we must understand and live into our honorable and strategic place in history as end-time believers. 

No doubt, living in a 21st-century world that has become increasingly hostile to the Christian faith, presents its own set of challenges. But it also presents opportunities, for which we have been uniquely equipped. Apostasy, deception, materialism, family breakdown, conflict, civil unrest, abuse & exploitation, and spiritual warfare have been elevated. But so has the potential impact of our witness for Christ. After all, the God who called us to the kingdom "for such a time as this," has supplied us with the internal resources we need to run the race with endurance and to cross the finish line as champions. 

Biblical principles                                  

What spreads fire? Wind! The word of God is God-breathed, spiritual oxygen, infusing new life into the hearers. Second Wind Infusion Home & Community Sessions and Prayer Gatherings, offer end-time spiritual champions the practical biblical principles necessary to do more than just survive but thrive in their "extreme environments" by receiving a fresh breath of God. 

Prophetic prayer                                     

The prophetic prayer empowerment time at the end of each session is designed to re-ignite end-time spiritual champions into their identity and purpose as they seize opportunities for greater impact and Christ-centered witness within their particular sphere of influence. 

Marion Skeete                                             

Drawing from the themes in her book, "Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You," and her radio broadcast of the same title, Minister, Author and Professional Life Coach, Marion Skeete inspires endtime spiritual champions to walk in their call. As an ordained minister, professional certified life coach and an ambassador commissioned to the task of nation-building, Marion, founder of LegacyMakers International (M.Div), is fanning the flames of revival in neighborhoods and nations through Second Wind Infusion. 

Marion is available to host a Second Wind Infusion Gathering at your venue: homes, community centers, college campuses, churches, small group spaces, etc. Contact Us - below.                                                                                        

Second Wind Infusion News

"Second Wind Infusion- Home Gathering," which was launched in June 2017 in Maryland, was a very impactful multicultural intergenerational gathering!

Since then, in a joint effort with local LegacyMakers team members and partners, we have been to Trinidad, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, and Los Angeles through Second Wind Infusion Home Gatherings, Community Prayer Gatherings, Revival Services, Prayer Walks, and Street Evangelism.


In obedience to the call to "fan the flames of revival," I led a team in a prayer walk at the Bonnie Brae House, the Azusa Street Revival site in downtown Los Angeles. It was a powerful time of mobilization and ministry.


Upon my return to Baltimore/DC at the end of 2017, I received powerful confirmation all the way home that God had already begun to stir Revival. Approximately 30 believers who didn't know each other beforehand erupted in spontaneous praise as the plane landed! There had been no turbulence, so it wasn't really gratitude for God's protection. It was, plain and simple, a move of God. His presence invaded that plane as it touched down and we, God's  people, had to respond. It was unbelievable! The experience also opened the door for me to talk with a Muslim young lady about Jesus.

The wind is blowing and the fire has been ignited! Be a part of the Movement!



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