"Second Wind Infusion: A Devotional for Spiritual Champions"

About the New Book:


Following up on her previous book, Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You, author Marion D. Skeete presents this sequel, Second Wind Infusion: A Devotional for Spiritual Champions. It is designed to be a re-infusion of the breath of God within spiritual athletes and warriors to live a life of victory in our end-time culture. 

Just as in a relay race where the fastest, and in some cases, most skilled runners, are placed at the end, we must understand and live into our honorable and strategic place in history as end-time believers. No doubt, living in a 21st-century world that has become increasingly hostile to the Christian faith, presents its own set of challenges. But it also presents opportunities, for which we have been uniquely equipped. Apostasy, deception, materialism, family breakdown, conflict, violence, and spiritual warfare have all been elevated. But so has the potential impact of our witness for Christ. After all, the God who called us to the kingdom "for such a time as this," has supplied us with the internal resources we need to run the race with endurance and to cross the finish line as champions.

In each chapter, we’ll explore the kind of life you as a champion are called to live in order to seize your higher calling. The treasure chest of spiritual insights will inspire you to live with overcoming power and perseverance. You’ll be empowered to run the race and fight the good fight in such a way as to get the prize—meaning, fulfill your earthly mission and attain your heavenly reward.

The Champion’s Prayer at the end of each chapter is meant to draw you deeper into the heart of God as well as to re-ignite and remobilize you to fulfill what you are called to do in the world.