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Our Ministries Legacy Makers

Our Ministries

Community Transformation

LegacyMakers engages in ministry both domestically and internationally that brings about transformation in family and community.

Some of Our Outreach and Missions Efforts

~ Katrina, Louisiana, US
~ South Africa
~ Trinidad and Tobago

LegacyMakers is involved in an ongoing mission in Kenya, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, and Uganda. Here is a report on our Kenya Mission:

Karibu & Asante Sana!
Kenya Mission 2009

Kenya is often called the “Heart of Africa” because of where it is situated geographically on the continent. However, by the time we left Kenya, we understood heart to mean more than landscape and national boundaries. Kenya is indeed a nation with some of the warmest and most hospitable people we have ever met. Known to be a place where many from the surrounding African nations have found refuge, Kenyans know firsthand how to practice true hospitality, and this is especially true for the people of God. Karibu meaning “welcome” is a popular word. We were welcomed, hosted and served among many of God’s people and our lives are not the same!

Our assignment was clear: A partnership with the local churches and NGOs in the Nairobi slums through preaching, teaching, evangelism, prayer ministry and serving the poor.

Leadership conference

Our first assignment was to minister at a pastors’ leadership conference in Gachie, a slum very close to the affluent area of Gigiri, home to the UN and US Embassy. God moved tremendously at the meeting, challenging and encouraging the pastors to embrace their apostolic call to be local and global change agents. Carol Stafford supported the ministry of the Word with her tremendous ministry of intercession. Our hosts, Pastor Eston Maina and his dear wife Sarah, invited us back to minister at their church, and our ministry was well received.

Open-air meeting

We also ministered in the slums of Cariobangi, this time in an open-air evangelistic meeting that drew hundreds in the area. I preached and Carol gave her testimony each night. We saw many souls come to Christ, healed from sicknesses and delivered from lifelong bondages. Our hosts, Pastor Peter Mburu and his wife Judy, along with their very gifted leadership team, immediately began to disciple and counsel those who came to the altar for prayer.

Partnerships in the Mathare Valley slums

We teamed up with our Trinidad partner organization, Is There Not a Cause (ITNAC) to visit the homes of families living in the Mathare Valley Slums of Nairobi. We did this ministry through Hope Missions International, a local Christian NGO that is making a difference in this disadvantaged community through education, evangelism and economic empowerment.

Indeed, this mission to Kenya was enriching and life-changing and long-term partnerships were forged. Your support through financial contribution, encouraging words and prayers have made the transformation of many lives possible. Thank you for partnering with us to see God’s heart revealed more richly to Kenya. May you be eternally rewarded.

Ongoing Partnerships

We are committed to ongoing partnerships with our brothers and sisters in Kenya, which have included supporting the distribution of Bibles in Kiswahili to new Christians, and assisting in the development of a student sponsorship program.

UPDATE: LegacyMakers is proud to announce the launching of LegacyMakers Africa, in 2011, based in Nairobi Kenya, and under the direction of Pastor Eston Maina.

Asante Sana!

Download Slide Show: Finding God in South Africa