Personal & Group Coaching

Personal and Group Coaching

Coaching Goals

"Let us motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” (Hebrews 10:24)

LegacyMakers offers both Personal and Group Coaching. The coaching is generally done by Marion Skeete. However, there are other qualified LegacyMakers partners and team members who also assist the ministry in providing coaching and training.

What Will You or Your Organization Gain through Coaching?                                              

  • Develop a vision statement that becomes an immediate action plan.
  • Discover your God-given gifts, passions and abilities and achieve your goals.
  • Become a catalyst for change locally and globally.
  • Navigate change and transition so that you are able to not merely survive, but thrive.
  • Increase team dynamic, by resolving conflicts and overcoming  relational challenges.

Personal Coaching

How is Personal Coaching Done?

The Personal Coaching sessions are usually done over the phone, and each session generally lasts for one hour. Coaching is not counseling, in which we extensively revisit your past.

Rather, it is giving you the support, objectivity and accountability you need to envision and embrace the future that God has for you.

As a coach, the goal is not to give you the answers, because God’s power to accomplish immeasurably more than you can ask for or imagine is already at work within you. By asking you key questions, the coach will empower you to strategically unleash those resources of gifts, talents, abilities, and passions that are within you, by first identifying the roadblocks, setting achievable goals, and developing a vision statement that becomes an immediate action plan.

Group Coaching

How is Group Coaching Done?

Group Coaching can be done in person with your staff or group, or over the phone/internet as a Teleconference or Webinar.

Whether the focus is motivational, conflict resolution/mediation, youth empowerment, leadership development or Christian discipleship, we will tailor the coaching sessions to the unique needs of your group so that you can get the most out of your time and investment.

Coaching Testimonials

"Marion Skeete has been blessed by God with an innate gift of seeing potential in

people and empowering them to reach it. She is a visionary, who herself has overcome incredible odds and is able to pass that spirit of determination onto those she coaches.

I am a grateful recipient of Marion’s coaching abilities, because she has helped me to confront life and leadership challenges and overcome them. I highly recommend Marion as a coach if you are seeking to go to the next level in your life and/or leadership."

-Akiah T. Robinson, MFTI, Child & Family Psychotherapist, El Monte, CA

"Marion Skeete is uniquely gifted to connect with you in a conversation. Especially one in which you are doing the talking and she the listening—something she does actively and effectively. Marion comes across as genuinely empathetic, drawing from a wealth of resources including, but not limited to, her education, professional and ministerial training, and life experiences. You leave a conversation with Marion knowing you have been both heard and helped. If you are seeking a Life Coach who relevant and highly skilled I encourage you to contact Marion Skeete."

-R. Ryner, 25 years experience in Human Resources Management

"Marion Skeete has been a wonderful support as a mentor and coach to a young

woman in our program. She has been encouraging and insightful as she has directed her mentee to new heights."

-Curt Gibson, Associate Director, Lake Avenue Foundation, Pasadena, CA

"Our YMCA Youth Alliance Leadership Team workshop with Marion Skeete became the encounter of refreshing we had been waiting for. Can you imagine, our program that is constantly making news headlines and recognized at various levels from government groups for our achievements, was in need of a fresh breath of life? Such was the case, until we experienced the knowledge and abilities of Marion Skeete of LegacyMakers. Marion was able to tap into our dreams and cause them to become a tangible expression. Since the day my staff experienced Marion’s style of coaching and leadership, our ability to execute plans has been strengthened and our model for change has gone to deeper levels of the human experience. Our goals have become a reality, no longer just a vision, but a breathing tangible plan in action."

-Ulises Gutierrez, Director of YMCA Youth Alliance, Monrovia, CA

 "When Marion Skeete speaks and prays with you it is evident that she has a strong relationship with God. This helps to explain why every encounter with her is an uplifting experience. Encouragement is one of her gifts; she knows how to instill hope into one’s perception of their future. She was able to show me that things which I thought were weaknesses could actually become strengths. Marion offered insights that helped me to see things in a much more positive light. I am a better person for having spent time with her. I am sure she will be a blessing to everyone she coaches."

-David Caliva, RCP, RRT, CA



We will discuss the particular needs and goals of you or your group and the next steps forward.