"Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You"

"Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You," Author, Marion D. Skeete


Do you need a second wind? 

All champions do.

Perhaps you’re struggling to keep a relationship from falling apart or picking up the pieces of a broken one. Maybe you’re dealing with a life-threatening illness or the loss of a loved one. Perhaps it’s financial hardship, or stress on the job. Even if your situation defies a reasonable explanation, the bottom line is, you need the spiritual oxygen of God’s Word to breathe a second wind into you.


The term “second wind” is well known to athletes. It is defined as the renewed energy or strength that empowers that long-distance runner or fighter to push forward 

to win the gold medal.


God calls us to be spiritual athletes—in fact, champions. Champions are people like you who are willing to push forward despite the odds because of the DNA of God within them.


Using storytelling, wisdom and humor, Marion presents God’s Word in a profoundly relevant way, offering life-changing truths that can be applied right where you are, so you can seize the prize and fight to win!

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Second Wind Truth for the Champion in You

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"Second Wind is a very realistic and balanced portrayal of the human condition in a Christian culture that tends to go to the extremes.  Even with all those painful moments, it is not a painful book. Throughout it, you see the joy and the hope of the gospel.”           

Dr. Roberto Miranda, 

Pastor, Congregation Lion of Judah,

Boston, MA

Marion Skeete is an amazing woman who has demonstrated in her own life the power to persevere. It was exciting this morning to read powerful stories about how God gives men and women the strength to overcome. I especially enjoyed the chapter on living a life 

of persevering prayer.

Christ John Otto,      

Author, Founder & Leader 

of Belonging House

Marion Skeete is indeed a "woman of God." Before I read or even knew that she had written a book, I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful spirited woman. I knew right there and then this woman was a faithful follower of Christ. Her book spoke volume to my inner man, words are not enough to express. I just want to say thanks to Minister Skeete for her obedience to God and being transparent. May God continue to bless you richly and I can't wait for your next book. 

Much love, Yvonne P

Marion Skeete's writing is both encouraging and inspiring. I know her book will help many "champions" along their journey! Thanks Marion! Looking forward to the next book!

Jennie Fournier,

President of Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network

This book is an awesome read! It is inspiring, encouraging, comical and just uplifting to the soul. This book gives you hope. Thanks woman of God for being obedient to him and his word.

Kafesha Stafford

View "Second Wind" Video!

Marion Skeete, author of "Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You" reads a dramatic excerpt from the book, recounting Olympian Derek Redmond's story as she introduces the theme.