Partner Organizations

LegacyMakers Believes in Partnership & Collaboration!


LegacyMakers partners with likeminded organizations to accomplish mutual goals.  Here are two of our main partners: Is There Not a Cause (ITNAC) and Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network (GBPAN).

Is There Not a Cause (ITNAC)


"Is There Not A Cause?" or ITNAC is a Non Governmental Agency registered and based in Trinidad and Tobago and serving locally, regionally and internationally since March of 2002. Their aim is to assist in disaster relief, community development and poverty alleviation in as many countries as possible. They remain committed to their core value of Making a Difference One Life At a Time and are pleased to serve where they are invited and where resources allow. The founder and director of ITNAC is Avonelle Hector Joseph.

ITNAC and LegacyMakers have collaborated on the Katrina Relief 2005, South Africa Mission 2007, Kenya Mission 2009, and a variety of projects in Trinidad & Tobago. They are set to collaborate in the Caribbean Hurricane Recovery Project, where LegacyMakers will provide trauma support to Hurricanes Irma and Maria survivors.

Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network


The Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network (GBPAN) is summarized in Proverbs 31:8: "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, ensure justice for those who are perishing."

The founder and director of GBPAN is Jennie Fournier, whose focus is on bringing awareness to the issue of human trafficking, ministering to survivors, and mobilizing people to pray.

LegacyMakers has collaborated with GBPAN in the Pray & Act (webinar) Project 2016-2017, which was designed to train caregivers of those who have survived abuse and/or exploitation in the art of transformative prayer and crisis intervention. They have also collaborated on other teleconference projects and prayer initiatives, and are currently planning future projects together.